Tuesday, June 11, 2013

June 11, 2013

Here's an idea to check out for those that know they are staying in one area for at least a few months. Mobile home parks. There are some mobile home parks that allow RV's to park there. Where we are at right now they had us sign a year lease but also know that we may have to leave and as long as we give them notice they are fine with it. They have several RV's that come in for a few months at a time. Some are those that work in the fields and others are working for the wind or solar projects going on around here. Being in a mobile home park allows us to get cable internet for at least a little while. It's a lot more stable and whatnot then Wi-Fi or using our phones hot spot.

Since we are sitting for a few months right now in spot we picked up 3 Patio Pickers from Lowe's, they are under the name of City Pickers Planter at Home Depot. It's about 2 ft X 2 ft square planter and about 10 inches deep. It has casters with it so that you can move it easily and a water tube on one side. All you are supposed to do is add water to the tube till it comes out the bottom that tells you it's full. It's supposed to take 2 gallons to fill it but I did not check how much it was taking so I cannot be sure. Since I planted seeds thou I am watering the top till they come up and have roots. We do have rabbits around here so I may need to have some sort of portable fencing soon. I have planted tomatoes, peppers, carrots, onions, lettuce and green beans. I think that's it LOL. It does come with a plastic mulch cover that you can use with it.

We are still trying to find the short in the headlights wiring. Tonight Thom want's to check the headlight switch as some have reported that they had what they thought was a short and it ended up being the switch had kinds melted. If that turns out ok then Thom will crawl under and look at the passenger side wiring for the headlights. He thinks that's where the short is. Depending on how much time he has tonight to check things out he may also test the alternator to see if we need a new one. As soon as we find the answer I will let everyone know what it was.
We did change out the voltage regulator. It was only about $25 and we changed it for a heavy duty one instead of regular duty. Got it from O'Reilly's and the RV uses the same one as a Ford truck from around 1980 - 1990. Get smart about what's in your engine and you could buy more parts cheaper from an auto parts store instead of the more expensive RV places.

We are going to mount a whole house water filer system that we got from Lowe's. Doing the filter system from Lowe's does require a little more thoughts as to where to put it and what parts you need to do it but in the end it ends up way cheaper to install and to change out filters when needed.

We did the Thunder On The Lot poker run on Sunday. No we did not get a winning hand. But since it's a 2 day festival and run for 25 different children's charities we do not think we lost. There is a Father's Day run on Saturday that we are thinking about doing or we may go to a pirate festival instead. The weekend is still up in the air. :) Just so you all know, you do not have to have a Harley to do the charity poker runs. There are some that do the runs in a car. Just find out from the local bike/Harley shop when the runs are and you will end up being surprised at how many there really are available to do.

Oh yea, I did add a few more pages here with links and sites for people if they want to check them out.