Thursday, December 29, 2011

Working on the RV

Well we have been working on the RV to get it ready for alot of traveling and just in general. We have reconditioned the wood all thru the MH. Been working lately on tightening all the grounds and testing things to fix if needed. Did change out several relay's that were arcing. Did not want things to die while on the road, lol. Now we are looking at changing out the backup camera and monitor since it's not working very well. Changed out some of the Thin-Lites with LED tubes. Going to try something different with others to see which way we like best. We changed out the only 3 places that use a "real house" light bulb with something else and put LED bulbs in there. Trying to lower the power draw on the batteries to run more things at the same time. I will see about some pics of the new light fixtures and stuff.

Gascap has been in it and traveled in and seems to be ok with it. He really likes to look out the window's and see things and people.