Here is a pic of Joshua in the corner. Thom next to him. Completing the back row is me (Chris). Upfront is Erin, Joshua's wife. Next to her is Justin. He is taking the pic from his phone that's why he looks wierd in the pic. Thom and I were almost done with our 7k trip, Justin was on leave for a month and we all met up at Joshua and Erin's. As Joshua told Erin "They will come here, no matter who else they miss Mom and Thom will come here. I have an ace up my sleave. Lisa is here. They will not miss Lisa and Justin as a combo. They will come" He was right of course, lol. We had not seen Justin in about 6 yrs cause of him being sent to Alaska, Iraq and Korea so a chance to see him AND Lisa we could not pass up.

Here is Lisa and Mudd (aka Grandpa). Joshua and her mom got divorced and then he married Erin so Lisa now has several sets of grandparents and she's trying keep who is who straight so she asked if she could call us something other than Grandma and Grandpa. Thom just told her that she has his permission to call him Mudd. It's just a name and she gets a kick out of it. 
The first pic is the "normal" one and Mudd said "let's do a silly one" and this was it, lol. Her first comment on seeing the RV was "Why do the tires have to be so big? They are as big as me!" The thing that really amused her and facinated her was the toliet. She kept wanting to watch it flush.
This is from right after purchasing the RV / MH. We went to the Grand Canyon which was just a short distance from were we got the MH. The little black dot about in the middle of the picture is actually a California Condor. We bought a Passport book for collecting the stamps from the National Parks. So far we have 4 of the stamps from the Grand Canyon. I think there are 11 of them in different places in there.

This is a view from the Circus Circus KOA RV Park. We stayed here Dec 31 and Jan 1. With the problems that we fixed on the way into Las Vegas, NV for New Years Eve we only had 1 1/2 days there. Did not do any gambling but we still had fun. We are planning on going back but not sure when yet. We are planning on what shows to see and places to go while there.

This is another picture of one of the places that Gascap has taken to liking to sit while the MH is on the road. I did make up a "tent" with his blanket on one of the coaches when he gets scared. The other place he likes to lay at is on the bar area that we have. We are ok with him on the bar as long as he stays off the kitchen counter and stove sections, lol.

This is Thom soldering some LED lights from a roll together to then add then to the ThinLites. Doing it this way is way cheaper and we can control the amount of light better. The next picture will be the completed assembly. I will make a complete log of the steps if anyone is interested and put it up.

You can see the LED strip that was added to the ThinLite bulbs. Thom then attached them in the MH to work instead of the energy hog other lites. They work pretty good. The price of the 3 rolls was about $50. The 3 rolls made 10 lights so far. We still have enough for at least 5 to 7 more. One LED replacement ThinLite is about $37. We will put the LED ThinLite replacements in the kitchen and these ones in the bedroom.
This is the top part of the "bar that we have in the MH. Sometimes when traveling Gascap likes to sit under the cabinet. We do not mind him on there as long as he stays off the kitchen counters with the stove.
Here is the bottom of the "bar". That part that looks like a black box around it is the ice maker. That is what we will probably have to take apart and replace the hoses and stuff on. Trust me it will be cheaper to that than to just get a new one. Of course I guess we could just take it out and put in storage there but that I doubt we will do.
As you can see this is the bathroom. It is really a decent sized shower. Big enough for 1 thou and not 2.
Here is a shot of the sink and cabinets in the bathroom. As you can see they put storage everywhere in a MH. The TP holder is actually inside the door right by the toliet. They do make an RV toliet paper but it is extremly thin and only 1-ply. Tests have been done for years and it is ok to use any TP that is rated for septic tanks. Just read the package and it should say it on there in big letters. There is only one that I have seen of the major TP manufacturers that does not say it's "Safe for Septic Systems".
This is the bedroom. It is an acutal queen sized bed. Alot of MH manufactures say they have king or queen but its slightly smaller or something so buying bedding for it becomes expensive because you can then not just go into any store to get them, they will not fit. You will have to buy them from an RV store unless you want to do some sewing modifications to normal sheets. The boxes you see on the bed are Stanely storage boxes. I like them for the little things like fuses, washers, screws etc. They will stack and lock so you keep them together or if you just need 1 you can just take that 1 where you need to do some repairs. Since we do alot of our repairs it makes it handy to have each box hold specific things. Like we have 2 that just has stuff for electrical things. 1 box is just different size washers and the other is the screws.

Here is the couch that folds down to a bed. It also has a drawer under it that you can store stuff in. For Gascap I make a "tent" by tucking his blanket in the back of the top cusion and then in under the bottom one so that he has a little hidey hole that he can get in and out of safely. This is where he starts a trip until he gets used to the noise from the engine. We could keep him in his carrier but with his scardy cat tendicies it's easier on him to be there and then to walk to me in the passenger seat when he's comfortable.

This is the other couch. No it does not transform into a bed nor does it have storage under it. Weird that they did not put storage here since they cram storage everywhere. We may take this couch out and put in an electrical fireplace for heat and also to put an LED TV on. And then maybe put a recliner on the side. We will see. Those things are not on the high priority list of stuff to do.
As you can see from Thom being in the picture that the kitchen area is very large for a MH / RV. There is no oven in this model but we do have a large convection / microwave oven to cook or bake anything we want. Most MH's have an aisle that goes down the middle of the coach the whole way, which means that you can stand by the driver and see into the bedroom. This particular one has the rare side aisle for a class A. Did we specifically only look for the side aisle? No but we did decide that we would rather have the side just so that if someone was in the livingroom they could not see into the bedroom and we did not have to make sure doors were closed.


  1. would like to know about the thin lights you re-did. We just put up a string light for the night time.

    1. I will got on Thom to write up the info on how he did it. We have been sick the last few weeks and are almost over it or it would have been done by now.

      As for replacing bulb for bulb we did use some from They do come with directions for how to redo the wiring. But those are $30 to $65 each and if it was me I would only use one bulb to replace the 2 that are in the fixture.
      The stip of LEDs are about $40 or so and we get 6 (?) lights out of it. So yes the roll is more economical but there is more steps involved. Depending on the number of LEDs and the size and other stuff it's better to do both bulbs in the fixture. Not as bright as the tubes but in places like the bedroom, having a softer light is more perferable to transition to going to sleep I think. It's all in how much you want to spend and how much you can do.

  2. Really enjoyed meeting you both at Don Cuco's this last friday. What a nice rig ya got. wanna see more pics of it, though!

  3. You're certain there is no storage under your J-Sofa? I jusst bought my parents' 04 Monaco Dynasty 42' which has a very similar looking sofa. They had always told me there was not a sleeper sofa in their coach, and complained about the wasted space. While I was checking it out on the day I picked it up, I decided to lift the sofa seat... it didn't move easily, but I pulled up and could see a lot of space under it. Then I pick it up and pulled out at the same time and voila', instant sleeper sofa!! Might want to check yours one more time!!