Wednesday, August 21, 2013

August 21, 2013

Whew!! Been hectic for us for the last almost 2 weeks. The town that Thom's mom and dad live in have a town wide yard sale every year. We decided to find out when and then go to Michigan to clean the storage unit out and sell off what we can and give the rest to a thrift store. Well it was this past Thursday, Friday and Saturday. We talked about how to get there and cost and figured that it was time for a new tow vehicle. We got a Fiat 500 Abarth. Since the Abarth is manual you can tow it 4 down if we want to. We traded off the 4Runner for it, it had over 250,000 miles on it. I think the old girl did her job well for all those miles.
We drove the 2200 miles from CA to their place and got there on a Tuesday night. We met up with Joshua and Erin (our oldest son and his wife) on Wednesday at the storage unit since they wanted some stuff and had agreed to take some other stuff of Nana's to store it at their place. Oh, Joshua's price for getting some of our stuff was to take Nana's and his brother's stuff and store it. :) Then we started to drag everything over to his mom and dad's for the yard sale the next day. Since we priced things to go we sold pretty much all of it, (i.e. the curio cabinet we had we could have put a price of $200-$300 and probably gotten it but just put $50 on it to sell it fast). We did not make as much as we could have if we had put normal prices on things but we did make enough to pay for the trip to empty the unit and still had some left to treat his mom and dad to some dinners and her to day out. We also now no longer have an $85 a month bill from the storage unit either. We kept just a few things like our Panther Primitives ( ) marquee tent. We would like to start doing mountain man rendezvous's again. We also kept our swords and spears. Most of them are weapons for stage combat. Thom was cleaning one of the spears and someone offered something like $20 and Thom and I politely told him that it would be $250 and that even at that price it was a bargain, they did not want to pay it so we did not sell it of course. Most things we did not mind putting real low prices on like the curio cabinet since we talked about when or if we wanted to leave the RV and go into another house or an apartment and right now we don't have any plans to do that so we don't need the furniture but things like some of the swords we just would not be able to get anymore since some of the companies are out of business and prices have gone up even more anyway so the weapons and tent stuff we are keeping.
His dad seems to be in somewhat better shape this time seeing him than last year. He's had several heart attacks and stuff in the last few years. He had some stints put in up in MI a few years ago and when they went down to FL last summer the heart surgeon that the daughter used to work for saw them and looked at the medical records and put him in the hospital the next day. Added another stint and put in larger ones for the others, it made all the difference. He can move around much better and breathe much better.
Thom and I have had our blood work done yesterday for our yearly checkup's and we see our VA doctor Thursday. We shall see if we are doing better and maybe Thom can get off some of the cholesterol drugs. His numbers were better last year but she did not want him to get off them just yet, one more year to make sure the numbers stayed good.