Thursday, January 17, 2013

Jan 17th

Let's see. What's been happening?

First thing, let me tell you about what happened  to Thom Jan 16th in the morning.
Thom rides his motorcycle most of the time into work, saves on gas a lot besides he likes the ride. Well, he stopped off at the gas station to get gas, then went to use the card for something else right away. A notice passed across the screen to contact the issuer of the card ASAP and then the card got locked. He called his bank. It seems that someone else used the card number for $95 of gas at that station and then also 2x's for $1 each at the station across the street. Thom had them make sure to verify and to keep it locked till he could get into a bank in person to fix what might be the problem. Found out that probably happened is someone used a faceplate over the gas pump face plate that read the number and all codes that go with it. So he got VERY lucky that they only got under $100 before it got locked. Now he has a new card coming and has to remember everything that he has attached to the card to change that when it comes in.
So now both of us have had our numbers stolen. Mine was about 15 yrs ago in FL and let me tell you that it is a lot more involved in fixing with everyone. People forget how much is connected to the cards until it's stolen.

On a better note Thom and I stayed on the Queen Mary ( ) the night of Jan 12th. They had a Steampunk Symposium ( ) over that weekend. We used to do lots of medieval, renaissance and pirate festivals so we had the basic costume pieces already. We did some shopping and aquired a few other pieces to fit in better. Good thing with costumes like this is they are never complete you can always change or add more. We saw several people that we have not seen in about 8 yrs or more and they are all from the FL. Funny really how small the world can be!

Tuesday, January 8, 2013

After the holidays

Well it's been an amusing few weeks of holidays and birthdays.
We got and mailed our granddaughter's Christmas and bday gifts, her bday is the 27th. According to UPS they were supposed to be there Christmas Eve. They did not show up then. We checked the tracking number and all of a sudden they were now supposed to show up on the 29th. We paid alot extra to have them there BEFORE Christmas so that she would not be opening all her gifts the same day. My bday is close to Christmas and I know how annoying it can get to just have people give you all of them at once. Well we finally got ahold of UPS in the morning after Christmas and it seems that the package was "left" at a UPS location. They made the effort then to deliver it that day and refunded part of the delivery price back to us. She got them and opened her Christmas gifts that night with us watching on video Skype chat. Then since her "Mom's" bday is New Years Eve they had a party together a few days later and she got to open those ones then.
Ok the reason I put "mom" in quotes is she has a step mom but she has decided that her bio mom is "Mommy" and her step mom is "Mom". That is how a now 6 yr old keeps them separated in her mind. That is just like Thom is not Grandpa, she is allowed to call him "Mudd" since she has something like 4 or 6 sets of grandparents now. She came up with this idea of different versions and if it makes it easier for her (and us) to figure out who she is talking about then we will go with it.
Joshua (her dad, our oldest son) came up with a way to get her to read alot more. It has to do with the old text based commputer games. He starts the game and she reads all the text that the characters say and she decides the questions answers while Joshua does the keyboard stuff. This has upped her reading time and ability ALOT. She loves games and why not help her get her schooling stuff up at the same time?
When we used to hang out a game shop in FL and parents would come in and be not so sure about the whole DnD tabletop gaming (ya know that devil worshiping thing) I would explain to them away from the kids that in order for the kids to play that they would have to read the books, learn more math and be able to interact with all kinds of situations which would end up helping them in the real world later. After they actually looked at what was involved with "playing" what they thought was a waste of time they ended up getting behind the kids playing. Now thou it's hard to find the mom and pop gaming stores and it's hard to find those tabletop gaming groups.
For New Years eve we were asked if Thom would run karaoke up at the lodge here at the park for whomever showed up. We got up there and the heat did not work. Not many were showing since really most in the park are in the older group and most end up going to bed at their normal time. So with the cold and everything we were packed up and back home by 9:30pm. We did stay up long enough to watch the ball drop but by 12:15 am we were in bed and going to sleep.
Jan. 3 rd was my bday and even thou Thom kept asking what I wanted to do and that it was my day and we would do everything and go anywhere I wanted to, I just wanted to veg in jammies and we played Guild Wars 2 all day and almost all night. We did stop long enough to video call on Skype with Lisa and she read some books to us. I got to play with Joshua, Justin and Thom on the game. We chatted on Teamspeak while playing and just enjoyed the time. Then on the 4 th we called Justin cause then it was his bday. Like I said lots of holiday and bday stuff in the last few weeks.
Sunday night Thom was sitting in the living room and I was putting away some pots and pans and all of a sudden we lost power to the front half of the coach. After making sure nothing got tripped or was wrong Thom figured out that the GFI in the kitchen got tripped and made everything go down. He clicked the reset on it and bam everything came back on ...... hmmm not sure why it went off but we may replace that GFI plug.