Wednesday, August 21, 2013

August 21, 2013

Whew!! Been hectic for us for the last almost 2 weeks. The town that Thom's mom and dad live in have a town wide yard sale every year. We decided to find out when and then go to Michigan to clean the storage unit out and sell off what we can and give the rest to a thrift store. Well it was this past Thursday, Friday and Saturday. We talked about how to get there and cost and figured that it was time for a new tow vehicle. We got a Fiat 500 Abarth. Since the Abarth is manual you can tow it 4 down if we want to. We traded off the 4Runner for it, it had over 250,000 miles on it. I think the old girl did her job well for all those miles.
We drove the 2200 miles from CA to their place and got there on a Tuesday night. We met up with Joshua and Erin (our oldest son and his wife) on Wednesday at the storage unit since they wanted some stuff and had agreed to take some other stuff of Nana's to store it at their place. Oh, Joshua's price for getting some of our stuff was to take Nana's and his brother's stuff and store it. :) Then we started to drag everything over to his mom and dad's for the yard sale the next day. Since we priced things to go we sold pretty much all of it, (i.e. the curio cabinet we had we could have put a price of $200-$300 and probably gotten it but just put $50 on it to sell it fast). We did not make as much as we could have if we had put normal prices on things but we did make enough to pay for the trip to empty the unit and still had some left to treat his mom and dad to some dinners and her to day out. We also now no longer have an $85 a month bill from the storage unit either. We kept just a few things like our Panther Primitives ( ) marquee tent. We would like to start doing mountain man rendezvous's again. We also kept our swords and spears. Most of them are weapons for stage combat. Thom was cleaning one of the spears and someone offered something like $20 and Thom and I politely told him that it would be $250 and that even at that price it was a bargain, they did not want to pay it so we did not sell it of course. Most things we did not mind putting real low prices on like the curio cabinet since we talked about when or if we wanted to leave the RV and go into another house or an apartment and right now we don't have any plans to do that so we don't need the furniture but things like some of the swords we just would not be able to get anymore since some of the companies are out of business and prices have gone up even more anyway so the weapons and tent stuff we are keeping.
His dad seems to be in somewhat better shape this time seeing him than last year. He's had several heart attacks and stuff in the last few years. He had some stints put in up in MI a few years ago and when they went down to FL last summer the heart surgeon that the daughter used to work for saw them and looked at the medical records and put him in the hospital the next day. Added another stint and put in larger ones for the others, it made all the difference. He can move around much better and breathe much better.
Thom and I have had our blood work done yesterday for our yearly checkup's and we see our VA doctor Thursday. We shall see if we are doing better and maybe Thom can get off some of the cholesterol drugs. His numbers were better last year but she did not want him to get off them just yet, one more year to make sure the numbers stayed good.

Friday, July 12, 2013

July 12, 2013

Hello all,
We are looking for someone to take Gascap. Thom's allergies are getting worse with the cat. He has one eye that swells up and if you did not know better you would think it was a bad case of pink eye but we found out it is not. So when the swelling happens he needs to use 2 different eye drops every hour. But he cannot use them at the same time so every half hour he puts drops in and it usually takes a few days for it to go down. I am afraid that one time it does that it won't go down ...... Well Gascap needs a home that does not have any other animals or ones that are not too energetic. Also no little kids. Gascap is a jumpy cat and gets 'scared' with sudden noises and movements. Wish we could keep him but with the problems now cropping up with Thom's allergies I think it would be better if he found a different home. He also has no claws on the front as the previous owner had him declawed on front. He is not an outside cat, strictly an indoor cat. If you are interested just post a reply, I get an email and no one sees them unless I approve them.

Well Thom started his new/old job and it's going well. We are tracing the electrical problem of losing volts when the headlights are turned on while driving. We have redone a lot of the grounds under the coach and in the dash area. Changed out the voltage regulator. Now we still need to check more grounds at the batteries and from the batteries to the alternator. Also need to check the alternator to make sure it's not blown. Thou Thom and I have a feeling we will need a new one but still it's a good thing to double check all grounds anyway. We did find some that were sorta not good so we just made them all good.

On another note we did go to The Labyrinth. We both got dressed and enjoyed it. Thou I think we may not go to that one again. Oh well we shall see. We are planning on making it back to The Steampunk Symposium that's held on the The Queen Mary in January thou. That one is 3 days (Friday, Saturday and Sunday) and it was a blast last year, even thou we only did 2 of the 3 days.

Tuesday, June 11, 2013

June 11, 2013

Here's an idea to check out for those that know they are staying in one area for at least a few months. Mobile home parks. There are some mobile home parks that allow RV's to park there. Where we are at right now they had us sign a year lease but also know that we may have to leave and as long as we give them notice they are fine with it. They have several RV's that come in for a few months at a time. Some are those that work in the fields and others are working for the wind or solar projects going on around here. Being in a mobile home park allows us to get cable internet for at least a little while. It's a lot more stable and whatnot then Wi-Fi or using our phones hot spot.

Since we are sitting for a few months right now in spot we picked up 3 Patio Pickers from Lowe's, they are under the name of City Pickers Planter at Home Depot. It's about 2 ft X 2 ft square planter and about 10 inches deep. It has casters with it so that you can move it easily and a water tube on one side. All you are supposed to do is add water to the tube till it comes out the bottom that tells you it's full. It's supposed to take 2 gallons to fill it but I did not check how much it was taking so I cannot be sure. Since I planted seeds thou I am watering the top till they come up and have roots. We do have rabbits around here so I may need to have some sort of portable fencing soon. I have planted tomatoes, peppers, carrots, onions, lettuce and green beans. I think that's it LOL. It does come with a plastic mulch cover that you can use with it.

We are still trying to find the short in the headlights wiring. Tonight Thom want's to check the headlight switch as some have reported that they had what they thought was a short and it ended up being the switch had kinds melted. If that turns out ok then Thom will crawl under and look at the passenger side wiring for the headlights. He thinks that's where the short is. Depending on how much time he has tonight to check things out he may also test the alternator to see if we need a new one. As soon as we find the answer I will let everyone know what it was.
We did change out the voltage regulator. It was only about $25 and we changed it for a heavy duty one instead of regular duty. Got it from O'Reilly's and the RV uses the same one as a Ford truck from around 1980 - 1990. Get smart about what's in your engine and you could buy more parts cheaper from an auto parts store instead of the more expensive RV places.

We are going to mount a whole house water filer system that we got from Lowe's. Doing the filter system from Lowe's does require a little more thoughts as to where to put it and what parts you need to do it but in the end it ends up way cheaper to install and to change out filters when needed.

We did the Thunder On The Lot poker run on Sunday. No we did not get a winning hand. But since it's a 2 day festival and run for 25 different children's charities we do not think we lost. There is a Father's Day run on Saturday that we are thinking about doing or we may go to a pirate festival instead. The weekend is still up in the air. :) Just so you all know, you do not have to have a Harley to do the charity poker runs. There are some that do the runs in a car. Just find out from the local bike/Harley shop when the runs are and you will end up being surprised at how many there really are available to do.

Oh yea, I did add a few more pages here with links and sites for people if they want to check them out.

Sunday, May 26, 2013

May 26, 2013

We went a little backwards with all the problems and stopped off at the Antelope Valley RV Park. The price is not bad at $25 for a 50 amp pull thru spot. Since we are staying in the area for awhile we put in an application at a trailer park. There are several trailer parks that do allow RVs to hook up and park there as long as you sign an application and stay for at least 3 months. You are allowed to go ahead and take off but they do like to know if you are going to be there for a few. With a trailer park you can also usually get cable or fios for internet and/or tv.
We have found out that we will probably need a new alternator and/or voltage regulator. The cost will be any where from $300 to well over $1,000 and it depends on whether it needs to just be rebuilt or a new one. We will need to fix that before we start taking vacations again thou.
Since we did not take our trip cross country we did decide to go ahead and use that money instead to replace the old TV's with LED ones. We also replaced the microwave convection oven. It's the same one but 2 years newer. With the problems we had with the inverter/converter not being big enough in wattage to handle the old one we already had to replace it. The microwave stopped being able to cook things as fast as it should case in point it the water that it should have taken 30 seconds to heat up was now taking over a minute so yes it needed to be replaced. We did find one that was almost exactly the same that is considered brand new since it was only a floor model that we could just pull the old out and put the new in.

Now why did we just not go back to the Acton KOA that we were at for almost a year? Well that takes a bit of telling so here goes. Well when we got there almost a year ago Frank was the Manager and had been for 4 years, Chelsea worked in the office and Erica did several things including the kids activities both had been there for almost 4 years. Things were fine as everyone did their jobs well and were very friendly and took care of people well. Then Frank took a different job and left. Chelsea left for a couple of months for personal reasons.
The owner hired in a couple that only lasted about 2 weeks and ended up with only having 24 hours to leave the property so that tells you how bad they were.
The next set was a couple that said they owned and took care of a campground for 2 years. Over the couple of months that they were there they could not get a hang of the computer system nor did they understand how to do things in a campground. Well the guy ended up getting a different job and they left.
Next person the owner hired in a guy named Jose and Chelsea came back to work. The first month things were ok but then things just went real bad. Jose has started to document who in the park talks to who and how long and using the camera's in the office, office lodge and game room to spy on people for hours at a time. He has had warrant's out for his arrest and was asking for money to help pay them, I still don't know if he's taken care of them. Any time the police come thru to keep on eye things and stuff he runs off property. All in all we left as soon as possible and there is no way we will go back. Chelsea is now working someplace else and is now the assistant manager there.

Tuesday, May 21, 2013

May 21, 2013

Wow the last few weeks have been stressful and today was no exception.

Short story with most of the last few weeks is Thom has a new job. Funny thing is it is at the same place and doing the same job but with a different company. That's the short of it but it was long in that it was a bidding war with several companies and whether we would stay in California or move to Texas. It was almost Texas but just a few days before vacation was supposed to start on Monday it ended up with us now staying in California.
Now onto the last 2 days of packing and getting ready to go. On I read about where a couple's TV fell out of the slot above crashed in between the driver and passenger's seats and just missed hitting their 3 dogs. Needless to say Thom had to make sure that ours was not going to do that. Well we did not get to pull out on Monday and finished up getting ready to pull out on Tuesday. We were going California to Florida to Alabama and then back to California all within 2 weeks.
Well as we started to pull out the brake controller started saying that first it was connected to the trailer and then it said it wasn't so checked several things and unconnected and reconnected several points and viola it worked. So down the road we go about 15 miles and all of a sudden the volts on the engine start to go down. The power going down is never a good thing. So off to the side we pull over and check the voltage regulator since the last time it did this it was coming half unplugged. It was not that. So we tried a few things including putting the invertor on standby/off. That seemed to help the power stay up. Then about 10 miles later we go to stop at a stop light and there are almost no brakes. We end up going thru the red light, luckily there was no opposite traffic coming and we did not hit anyone. Finally got stopped and after a few minutes they started to work. And then about 15 more miles down the road the volts again started going wonky. You would think something was saying to NOT to go on the trip. Well since the only real reason for us going all the way across the country was to see the youngest where he was stationed we just decided to turn around and stay at the Antelope Fairgrounds for a few days.
Needless to say we are not going to Florida or Alabama. We may need a new alternator and/or voltage regulator. Then we need to replace all the brake lights and change them out to LED in the back since that seems to not help the voltage stay up when we put them on. Then trace a short back on the front passenger lights.

Wow again on what's happened over the last few days.

I will try to keep posting over the next few days and weeks to let you all know what happens next.

Monday, March 11, 2013

March 11, 2013

Well, it seems that more and more people are finding my little blog. There are more comments and questions. If you do post a comment it will not show up right away so don't be concerned if you don't see it right away. I can see what country people are showing up from. Any blog can show you all kinds of information on who is visiting your site. What I cannot see is people's personal information and that is fine. That being said it seems that I am now seeing more people from Russia showing up. Yes some of the sites that are "referring" are spam but some are not and it seems more non spam Russians are reading the blog. Welcome to all the people all over the world that read about my little trials and tribulations of living in an RV and well just living.

Hmm let's see what's been going on for the last few weeks.

Yes the leak is fixed for the grey tank so more leaks there. Remember that you do NOT need to get alot of stuff to fix one of these things from an RV store. Most of the time when they put RV on the label they also up the price and usually by alot. To get the parts for the plumbing we got them from the big box hard ware store, in our case it was Lowe's. They cost maybe about $20 total for all the pieces.
Thou now we seem to have a leak in the roof. We are in CA where it really does not rain all that much or we probably would have seen the leak before now. But we know it's there now. Some would say "just get some silicone caulking and fix it" but they would be VERY wrong. Silicone might work on most roofs but NOT on RV roof. Silicone does not flex all that well and it will crack and pull away from where it's attached. What you need is to use either something like Eternabond tape or Polyurethane caulk. Silicone and/or latex is not really good for areas that need to move. We will get to the fix soon, had to wait till the rain stopped and now Thom has to wait till after work.

Oh!!! One thing we did about 2 weeks ago was to go to The Edwardian Ball in Los Angeles this year. It was amusing and amazing. If anyone wants to see some pics from this year and past years you can go to Edwardian Ball yes everyone dresses in "costume" and they are encouraged to do so. Yep we dressed up too. Well we have all kinds of costume pieces from doing all the faires and festivals over the year so we dressed. I can tell you that if you are one of those that does not like to see people with coloured hair or with not so normal clothes on then I would suggest you not go. Some people just seem to believe "Individuality is fine as long as we are all the same". That's fine for them but don't push it on me, lol. Oh my hair is purple again and Thom's is major blue again. We heard a new band, well they are new to us anyway, called Rosin Coven. We picked up their newest CD while there.

Well I did put up a notice in the RV park here to see if anyone would like to have Gascap our cat ...... no I did not want to do that but Thom's allergies are worse so his health has to come first. Someone over here has a rather large dog and a few weeks ago the dog had 14 puppies, not sure how much she is selling them for thou.

We are thinking of replacing the RV fridge with a residential one. Not sure yet when but I have a feeling it will be sooner or later that the RV fridge will go away.

Last week I did 3 days of baking - 2 batches of Snickerdoodles, 2 batches of Hazelnut cookies and 4 batches of Granola muffins. Then I sent out 3 packages to a few people. They all loved them. Well since 2 of them went to the boys I cannot see them saying "mom that sucked!" ROFLMAO. I will post the recipe's here shortly on the recipe page.

Thom's bass playing is getting back to where it was a few years ago when he was in the band. No you probably have not heard of their band as they were local in Florida about 10 years ago. But they did and do have fun when they play. Come August Thom and Andy will be on stage again at a festival. They have written a few originals together. Oh well we shall see lol.

Edit for today: I forgot to add in that there were some auditions for a Panto of Snow White yesterday. Thom will be cast for sure in the play but since I do have some medical problems I just cannot do the dancing that will be required for the show so the director asked me to be stage manager instead. Well she knows that I will be at every rehersal anyway cause Thom will be in so why not help out. Thom's directed shows and I have helped him before so it won't be that much different. It does take someone who is somewhat OCD to be able to remember what the footwork is for everyone and where props go and I am a little OCD, lol.

Monday, February 18, 2013

Feb 18, 2013

Not too much right now going on but here's some stuff.

We had a small leak at a connection point in the grey line in the service bay itself. Put it off on fixing but we finally took the time Sunday the 17th to fix it. Thought we had all the parts together but for some reason the 90 degree was missing/missplaced. Well Thom took apart the whole thing and we took it to the hardware store just to be sure we got the right piece. Good thing we did do that cause there are lots of different sizes on the pipes. Also got a "real" hacksaw not the little mobile one.
Got the rest of the stuff we needed and went home.
Then we started to do what we had to fix and put it all back together. Thom then changed out the other light to an LED one. We had picked up several little circular marine LED's to change out that one and the ones for the steps, so while it was open in the bay Thom did it. We still have one light there to change out but the ones we got will not work there so we need a different one, oh well. Well, as Thom went to put all the covers back on and that one that we have not changed yet seems to have a short somewhere cause it caused the 20 amp fuse to blow. Well we ended up needing to change out 2 20 amp fuses and as long as we don't do anything to that cover and light they don't blow. Thom will try to figure out why but it was getting on past dark and getting close to bed time so for now it's just closed up. That fuse only impacts a couple of lights inside according to the schematics that we have. We've had that fuse blow before but we thought we had fixed the problem but I guess not. Well it will get fixed soon now that we know it's a little bigger. And even thou we picked up a whole house water filter system the other night we decided to not add that just yet cause of it getting so dark.

We are thinking about giving the cat - Gascap - away. Thom is quite allergic to cats and we should not have gotten one but we've had one before Gascap and Thom was able to work around the allergies but with us now in an RV and with Thom getting a little older and allergies do get worse as you get older .... Whomever does get to take Gascap will have to be a place that does not have young kids or other animals. Gascap is a love but he is very skittish and sometimes younger kids and other animals jump all over which would not be good for him. We've had him for about 3 years and have traveled all over with him. Travel in a car is not something he likes but the RV he enjoy's. He see's us put things away and stuff he gets in his spot which is on the dash. He really enjoy's watching out the window as we go down the road. We are not just going to take him to a shelter thou. So if anyone is thinking about a cat let me know and you can come visit him to see if he's a fit for you. We are near Santa Clarita, CA right now.

Thom and Andy are getting the band back together and will be playing at Grinfest in August. Things go well who knows what might happen, well we will see.

We are on our 4th set of managers over here at the RV park in 6 months. Frank was here for about 3 yrs and then moved on. The next set was a couple and they lasted about 3 wks and had 24 hrs to leave the park. The 3rd set was another couple and after about 2 1/2 mths he got a better job and they left. We now have just a guy with Chelsea back in the office. Honestly the owner should just let Chelsea do the job, she's been here for almost 4 yrs and knows the system inside and out. But she has 2 things going against her - 1 she is female and 2 she just turned 21. The owner will not give it to a female 21 yr old but he relies on her to fix the mistakes of everyone else ..... The same groups and families keep coming back yr after yr and they don't want to deal with anyone else but Chelsea and her mother. They take care of just about everything. Anyway enough of my ranting.