Sunday, May 26, 2013

May 26, 2013

We went a little backwards with all the problems and stopped off at the Antelope Valley RV Park. The price is not bad at $25 for a 50 amp pull thru spot. Since we are staying in the area for awhile we put in an application at a trailer park. There are several trailer parks that do allow RVs to hook up and park there as long as you sign an application and stay for at least 3 months. You are allowed to go ahead and take off but they do like to know if you are going to be there for a few. With a trailer park you can also usually get cable or fios for internet and/or tv.
We have found out that we will probably need a new alternator and/or voltage regulator. The cost will be any where from $300 to well over $1,000 and it depends on whether it needs to just be rebuilt or a new one. We will need to fix that before we start taking vacations again thou.
Since we did not take our trip cross country we did decide to go ahead and use that money instead to replace the old TV's with LED ones. We also replaced the microwave convection oven. It's the same one but 2 years newer. With the problems we had with the inverter/converter not being big enough in wattage to handle the old one we already had to replace it. The microwave stopped being able to cook things as fast as it should case in point it the water that it should have taken 30 seconds to heat up was now taking over a minute so yes it needed to be replaced. We did find one that was almost exactly the same that is considered brand new since it was only a floor model that we could just pull the old out and put the new in.

Now why did we just not go back to the Acton KOA that we were at for almost a year? Well that takes a bit of telling so here goes. Well when we got there almost a year ago Frank was the Manager and had been for 4 years, Chelsea worked in the office and Erica did several things including the kids activities both had been there for almost 4 years. Things were fine as everyone did their jobs well and were very friendly and took care of people well. Then Frank took a different job and left. Chelsea left for a couple of months for personal reasons.
The owner hired in a couple that only lasted about 2 weeks and ended up with only having 24 hours to leave the property so that tells you how bad they were.
The next set was a couple that said they owned and took care of a campground for 2 years. Over the couple of months that they were there they could not get a hang of the computer system nor did they understand how to do things in a campground. Well the guy ended up getting a different job and they left.
Next person the owner hired in a guy named Jose and Chelsea came back to work. The first month things were ok but then things just went real bad. Jose has started to document who in the park talks to who and how long and using the camera's in the office, office lodge and game room to spy on people for hours at a time. He has had warrant's out for his arrest and was asking for money to help pay them, I still don't know if he's taken care of them. Any time the police come thru to keep on eye things and stuff he runs off property. All in all we left as soon as possible and there is no way we will go back. Chelsea is now working someplace else and is now the assistant manager there.

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  1. Did you ever find air bags for your Monaco crown royale?