Monday, March 11, 2013

March 11, 2013

Well, it seems that more and more people are finding my little blog. There are more comments and questions. If you do post a comment it will not show up right away so don't be concerned if you don't see it right away. I can see what country people are showing up from. Any blog can show you all kinds of information on who is visiting your site. What I cannot see is people's personal information and that is fine. That being said it seems that I am now seeing more people from Russia showing up. Yes some of the sites that are "referring" are spam but some are not and it seems more non spam Russians are reading the blog. Welcome to all the people all over the world that read about my little trials and tribulations of living in an RV and well just living.

Hmm let's see what's been going on for the last few weeks.

Yes the leak is fixed for the grey tank so more leaks there. Remember that you do NOT need to get alot of stuff to fix one of these things from an RV store. Most of the time when they put RV on the label they also up the price and usually by alot. To get the parts for the plumbing we got them from the big box hard ware store, in our case it was Lowe's. They cost maybe about $20 total for all the pieces.
Thou now we seem to have a leak in the roof. We are in CA where it really does not rain all that much or we probably would have seen the leak before now. But we know it's there now. Some would say "just get some silicone caulking and fix it" but they would be VERY wrong. Silicone might work on most roofs but NOT on RV roof. Silicone does not flex all that well and it will crack and pull away from where it's attached. What you need is to use either something like Eternabond tape or Polyurethane caulk. Silicone and/or latex is not really good for areas that need to move. We will get to the fix soon, had to wait till the rain stopped and now Thom has to wait till after work.

Oh!!! One thing we did about 2 weeks ago was to go to The Edwardian Ball in Los Angeles this year. It was amusing and amazing. If anyone wants to see some pics from this year and past years you can go to Edwardian Ball yes everyone dresses in "costume" and they are encouraged to do so. Yep we dressed up too. Well we have all kinds of costume pieces from doing all the faires and festivals over the year so we dressed. I can tell you that if you are one of those that does not like to see people with coloured hair or with not so normal clothes on then I would suggest you not go. Some people just seem to believe "Individuality is fine as long as we are all the same". That's fine for them but don't push it on me, lol. Oh my hair is purple again and Thom's is major blue again. We heard a new band, well they are new to us anyway, called Rosin Coven. We picked up their newest CD while there.

Well I did put up a notice in the RV park here to see if anyone would like to have Gascap our cat ...... no I did not want to do that but Thom's allergies are worse so his health has to come first. Someone over here has a rather large dog and a few weeks ago the dog had 14 puppies, not sure how much she is selling them for thou.

We are thinking of replacing the RV fridge with a residential one. Not sure yet when but I have a feeling it will be sooner or later that the RV fridge will go away.

Last week I did 3 days of baking - 2 batches of Snickerdoodles, 2 batches of Hazelnut cookies and 4 batches of Granola muffins. Then I sent out 3 packages to a few people. They all loved them. Well since 2 of them went to the boys I cannot see them saying "mom that sucked!" ROFLMAO. I will post the recipe's here shortly on the recipe page.

Thom's bass playing is getting back to where it was a few years ago when he was in the band. No you probably have not heard of their band as they were local in Florida about 10 years ago. But they did and do have fun when they play. Come August Thom and Andy will be on stage again at a festival. They have written a few originals together. Oh well we shall see lol.

Edit for today: I forgot to add in that there were some auditions for a Panto of Snow White yesterday. Thom will be cast for sure in the play but since I do have some medical problems I just cannot do the dancing that will be required for the show so the director asked me to be stage manager instead. Well she knows that I will be at every rehersal anyway cause Thom will be in so why not help out. Thom's directed shows and I have helped him before so it won't be that much different. It does take someone who is somewhat OCD to be able to remember what the footwork is for everyone and where props go and I am a little OCD, lol.

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