Monday, February 18, 2013

Feb 18, 2013

Not too much right now going on but here's some stuff.

We had a small leak at a connection point in the grey line in the service bay itself. Put it off on fixing but we finally took the time Sunday the 17th to fix it. Thought we had all the parts together but for some reason the 90 degree was missing/missplaced. Well Thom took apart the whole thing and we took it to the hardware store just to be sure we got the right piece. Good thing we did do that cause there are lots of different sizes on the pipes. Also got a "real" hacksaw not the little mobile one.
Got the rest of the stuff we needed and went home.
Then we started to do what we had to fix and put it all back together. Thom then changed out the other light to an LED one. We had picked up several little circular marine LED's to change out that one and the ones for the steps, so while it was open in the bay Thom did it. We still have one light there to change out but the ones we got will not work there so we need a different one, oh well. Well, as Thom went to put all the covers back on and that one that we have not changed yet seems to have a short somewhere cause it caused the 20 amp fuse to blow. Well we ended up needing to change out 2 20 amp fuses and as long as we don't do anything to that cover and light they don't blow. Thom will try to figure out why but it was getting on past dark and getting close to bed time so for now it's just closed up. That fuse only impacts a couple of lights inside according to the schematics that we have. We've had that fuse blow before but we thought we had fixed the problem but I guess not. Well it will get fixed soon now that we know it's a little bigger. And even thou we picked up a whole house water filter system the other night we decided to not add that just yet cause of it getting so dark.

We are thinking about giving the cat - Gascap - away. Thom is quite allergic to cats and we should not have gotten one but we've had one before Gascap and Thom was able to work around the allergies but with us now in an RV and with Thom getting a little older and allergies do get worse as you get older .... Whomever does get to take Gascap will have to be a place that does not have young kids or other animals. Gascap is a love but he is very skittish and sometimes younger kids and other animals jump all over which would not be good for him. We've had him for about 3 years and have traveled all over with him. Travel in a car is not something he likes but the RV he enjoy's. He see's us put things away and stuff he gets in his spot which is on the dash. He really enjoy's watching out the window as we go down the road. We are not just going to take him to a shelter thou. So if anyone is thinking about a cat let me know and you can come visit him to see if he's a fit for you. We are near Santa Clarita, CA right now.

Thom and Andy are getting the band back together and will be playing at Grinfest in August. Things go well who knows what might happen, well we will see.

We are on our 4th set of managers over here at the RV park in 6 months. Frank was here for about 3 yrs and then moved on. The next set was a couple and they lasted about 3 wks and had 24 hrs to leave the park. The 3rd set was another couple and after about 2 1/2 mths he got a better job and they left. We now have just a guy with Chelsea back in the office. Honestly the owner should just let Chelsea do the job, she's been here for almost 4 yrs and knows the system inside and out. But she has 2 things going against her - 1 she is female and 2 she just turned 21. The owner will not give it to a female 21 yr old but he relies on her to fix the mistakes of everyone else ..... The same groups and families keep coming back yr after yr and they don't want to deal with anyone else but Chelsea and her mother. They take care of just about everything. Anyway enough of my ranting.


  1. No I do not mind if people quote the blog or what I wrote. I do write more often when we are traveling but right now with the job contract Thom has we are in one spot for awhile. We will be doing some mini travels here shortly as we had to figure out some problems and I think we now have them all done so off to some places to test out the fixes. I know in a few months we will be going cross country again so I will be posting alot more then as we travel.
    I will be doing an update here in the next day or so about some things. Thanks to everyone that reads it. And so far there is only one comment that was spam so I think for the blog being a year old that's pretty good LOL.

  2. I guess I could have had Joshua (the oldest son) do the blog since he knows how but no I did not hire anyone. Blogspot has templetes that you can use and it is free if you have a gmail account. We have Verizon as our cell carrier and with the smartphones to connect they almost require a gmail account. That's fine we did not mind as it was free. So free email and free blog stuff was not bad.
    In no way am I an expert and I really am not looking to be an expert, lol. I know the basics and I guess if I really wanted to I could have Joshua "pretty it up" and make it more but it's fine for just keeping track of traveling.